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Koshi Chimes Aria.

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Koshi Chimes Terra. Koshi Chimes Ignis. Zaphir Sufi - the 5 season Chimes. Top Brands Wind Chimes.

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Zaphir Crystalide - Spring Chimes. Product page Zaphir Only Chimes of Zaphir. Zaphir Blue Moon - Winter Chimes. Zaphir Twilight - Autum Chimes. Zaphir Sunray - Summer Chimes. Zaphir Chimes Set of 5.

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Sort By View Details. Alluring pentatonic scale and genuine stone accents offer lasting pleasure. Tuned to the opening notes of our national anthem. This unique chime has a waterproof compartment for preserving a keepsake.

The largest of the Gregorian chimes has a deep and hypnotic tone. The notes of Amazing Grace and a keepsake urn offers solace to the grieving. One of our most popular tuning, the large size has a wonderfully low tone. Children from my generation and following generations has grown up and some of them has their own children now. Those children also came to our home and play. My parents love to create the environment to be fun and child-friendly.

WATER Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation - See the Ocean of oneness... - Calm

My father used to make toys for us and he still love to do so for the children. He still loves to do pumping of the bikes and the inflatable pool. My mother would use the garden watering pipe and creates a shower for the kids. She might sometime go inside the pool and play with them. Our generation could not give much time to the parents anymore as we have to struggle with our lives.